Who are we?

A company that offers highly professional advisory, organizational and consulting activities related to the reengineering of international student recruitment in order to increase the degree of internationalization of Czech universities. Our know-how in the field of event management of short-term international events for students, such as summer schools, is based on several years of practice, numerous findings and experience with the university system in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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What is our goal?

To bring innovation to the international recruitment of students and to teaching, to improve the internationalization of universities cooperating with us and to help them organize interesting events associated with it. We enable our clients to keep up with the degree of internationalization of the world’s best universities and improve their reputation without sacrificing their budget.

Why work with us?

We are a company that will help increase the interest of foreign applicants to study at the client university. We draw on our professional experience, the practice established in our previous projects and on both foreign and domestic conferences. We give students from all over the world the opportunity to get to know the heart of Europe and we can provide our clients with a promising international future.

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To help public and private universities become cosmopolitan, while showing them a way to gain new sources of income, talented students and inspiring colleagues through internationalization.


Help universities innovate processes in the international department, which will lead to the admission of more foreign applicants and receiving an additional income.


To convince the supporters of conservative approaches to look at internationalization from a new perspective.

Who is behind this?

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