Organization of Intensive Educational Courses such as Summer Schools


Thanks to the organization of intensive educational courses, such as summer schools (two- to three-week events held throughout the calendar year), you may increase your prestige abroad, especially with university and secondary school partners.

The participating students may gain the opportunity for personal growth and valuable life experience.

Intensive educational courses, such as summer schools, are based on three pillars:
Organized activities and related educational excursions relevant to the specific focus of the intensive educational course
Leisure activities – according to individual interests of the students


While we provide the two organizational components of the program, the client university is expected to cooperate in securing the first pillar, i.e. the supply of their own teachers for the instruction in the particular intensive course. Intensive courses organized in the summer season, however, are an exception; for these

Types of Intensive Educational Courses


Summer School for High School Students

Target group:

The last two years of private and public secondary schools abroad, whose students may consider studying in English in the Czech Republic.

Benefits of the event:

Summer School for Bachelor Students

Target group:

Students of Bachelor’s programs abroad who are considering a subsequent follow-up study in a Master’s program in English in the Czech Republic.

Benefits of the event:

Intensive Educational Courses Organized Outside the Summer Season

Ideal for those clients who like the concept of summer schools, but require their course to be held at a different time of the year (i.e. not in the summer). It is also suitable for the clients who do not wish to be providing teachers for the pillar of instruction and thus prefer us to arrange the whole event.

We offer two formats of these courses:
Benefits of the event for our client:

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