Reengineering and optimization of the international department

It is a service that aims to increase the number of students in the study programs in English. This service will help you become a cosmopolitan university that makes the most of internationalization.

The implementation of this service takes at least one academic year – ideally two to three – for optimal results to be achieved. During this time, we offer our advice and consultations to the employees of the international department who will provide recruitment processes with the contribution of our methodological assistance.

We help the international department change and streamline the existing processes, introduce new tools for the university promotion and set up a suitable selection of recruitment tools.

We will teach your team to actively search for students, agencies and partners among foreign high schools and universities. Only active recruitment will guarantee long-term success.

How does the cooperation with us work?

Detailed analysis of the current state of the processes
Adapting the processes in correspondence with the effective trends
Proposing a suitable international recruitment strategy
Implementation of the optimized processes
Trial operation and the final adjustment of the processes

Our team is constantly evolving by:

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